About AIU (Association of Indian Universities)

Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is one of the premier institutions of the Country working for the cause of Higher Education since 1925. The AIU as an Interuniversity Board came into existence on the recommendation of the Sadler Commission in 1919 followed by a resolution, which was made in the deliberations of a Conference of Vice Chancellors of the Indian Universities convened in 1924 by Lord Reading, the then Viceroy of India, at Shimla. The main objective of the AIU is to protect promote the interest of universities and facilitate university activities especially by way of sharing information and increasing cooperation in the field of culture, sports, and allied areas, and help universities in mutual recognition of degrees. It is the only university association in the world which organizes student centric activities establishing direct connect with students. The membership of AIU embraces all types of recognized universities existing in the Country. At present, 700+ Indian Universities are its members. In addition to Indian Universities, it has 15 Associate Members, one each from Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia and Dubai and 2 universities from Mauritius. The General Body of the AIU is constituted of Vice Chancellors/Directors of these 700+ Indian universities.
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